Essentials of Call Reliability for Cloud-Based Hosted PBX

Essentials of Call Reliability with Cloud Hosted PBX

Reliable communications are essential to your business.  In fact, surveys have found that small businesses lose on average $55,000 a year due to IT solutions downtime.  Obviously, this can be significantly damaging to a small business, as you know if you are reading this blog.  The types of downtime that can affect your business range […]

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Re-Opening Your Business Post-COVID

Tips for Re-Opening Your Business Post-COVID

Two months ago, we didn’t have any idea when or even if re-opening our doors was a possibility.  Now that day has arrived, and businesses across the country are making plans for re-launching.  In light of these unprecedented events, here are four tips for re-opening your business post-COVID. Four Tips to Re-Open Your Business Post-COVID […]

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