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Today’s Telecommunications Services Advance Patient Care For Seniors

Today’s Telecommunications Services Advance Patient Care for Seniors

As people age, their needs change. Activities that were simple to manage become more difficult and might require some outside assistance. Senior living communities offer a range of services that can help maintain independence, even in full care facilities. New telecommunications technology and services are what make it possible for seniors to enjoy as much independence as possible. With monitoring software and technology tailored for seniors, many people can enjoy retirement living for longer. Keeping Track of Patients When providing long-term care for the elderly, some of the major challenges come under the heading of safety. Senior living facilities need to know where their patients are at all times. Patients with degenerative neurological conditions may wander off and forget how…

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Senior Living Technology: What Does An Assisted Living Facility Need?

Senior Living Technology: What Does an Assisted Living Facility Need?

As technology ingrains itself further and further into all aspects of the healthcare industry, senior living facilities stand to benefit immensely from technology specifically targeted for them. Spurred by a combination of market forces and some legislation, the breadth of technologies designed for senior living has increased at an astounding rate. With so much choice on the market, what senior living technology do facilities actually need? Here we explore some of the technologies that will benefit senior living facilities the most. Fall Prevention and Detection Senior falls account for nearly 800,000 hospital visits each year, and are a $30 billion healthcare expense. They are a leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the elderly, and are a legitimate health concern…

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