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Move to a MIX Networks hosted phone system to reduce your cost, improve your employee productivity and enjoy cutting edge features

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No Space, No Maintenance Costs

The only thing at your locations is the phones. No need to worry about space, power and cooling for the phone system.

Most changes or upgrades to the phone are done without a visit to your site.

Customer Service Excellence Based in Florida

When you choose MIX, a Customer Service Engineer is assigned to your account – your personal point of contact. No explaining who you are, who your company is, or what steps were taken in the past. Truly personal customer service.

No more capital investments

All of your costs are included in the monthly user fee, so you only pay for what you need. With certain plans, all of your phones are also included in that same monthly subscription.

Always Up-To-Date, Never Obsolete

You get the newest features as soon as they are available. Your staff gets the best tools to take care of business and to take care of your customers.

Without any up-front costs, you can have the most advanced, feature-rich hosted phone system available. A MIX Hosted Phone System often costs less than you currently pay for basic phone service, and includes outstanding US-based Customer Support.


Migrate to a Hosted Phone System

  • checkGet New Phones & Equipment for your office at No Upfront Cost
  • checkUse your Mobile Phones as Extensions on the new phone system
  • checkLower Phone Bill by migrating to MIX Networks Hosted PBX phone system
  • checkManage services via your new Web Portal
  • checkEnjoy outstanding US-based Customer Support, based right here in Florida

MIX Networks makes upgrading to a Hosted Phone System quick, easy & a Quality Experience

Louie M. Holmes

Founder, Mix Networks

“I’ve worked at lots of companies where we were told that we are all in sales. That never sat quite right with me. At MIX, we are all in customer service.”

What others are saying about MIX Networks:

Craig Leonard

For new franchisees, it’s a no-brainer

MIX offers a turnkey communications solution at no upfront cost.

CRAIG LEONARD  //  President, Senior Helpers


A total service & equipment package

Whether we are upgrading administrative phones or converting existing analog lines to IP, MIX provides a total service and equipment package and implements it quickly and efficiently with an outstanding support staff. They provide on-site training for our Executive Directors and Admin staff so that everyone is familiar with the new system.

DANIEL CRANGLE  //  Director of IT Infrastructure and Telecom at Brookdale Assisted Living

Upgrading to a hosted phone system will likely lower your phone bill!

Contact us for an obligation free quote, and receive your getting started guide to help you sort through the wide array of PBX providers.


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Get a Quick Quote and learn more about our hosted PBX solutions

  • Auto Attendant
  • Telecommuter/Remote Employee Extensions
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Center Functionality
  • Never a charge for System Updates or new features
  • Equipment Included 
  • Warrantied for Full Contract Term
  • Florida-Based 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Scales Easily for Peak Demand/Expansion

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