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Solutions for Franchises

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Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, we can migrate your communications system to the cloud, get you the newest phones and equipment, all without any up front costs*.

For Franchisees

You’ve become a franchisee for a number of reasons.  One of them is because you know that your franchisor has already created the “How To” guidelines and procedures you need to be successful in your franchise operation.  You also benefit from “off loading” certain tasks to your franchisor (like branding and product development) so that you can focus on the daily operations of your until.

You should expect that same kind of guidance when come to your phones and other business communications needs.

However, if you are NOT getting that kind of guidance from your Franchisor, we can help. With MIX, you can literally “off load” the set-up, implementation and maintenance of your company communications system to us, often at a lower cost than you currently pay basic telecommunications service from a local provider

Find out how we can migrate your communications system to the cloud, get the newest phones and equipment, all WITHOUT ANY UPFRONT COSTS and NEVER have to deal with equipment upgrade or obsolescence costs again.

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No Upfront Costs*. Period.

The future is in the cloud. Now you have no excuse to migrate because we have the solutions to fit your franchise’s needs, with no upfront costs.

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For Franchisors

You job is to make your franchisees successful by offering them the operational, marketing and business guidance they need to maximize the profitability of their unit.  You can now extend this guidance to their business communications systems to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

By offering your franchisees the opportunity to migrate their phones and other communications systems to MIX, you can help to further standardize their operation and reduce costs.  Standard greetings, menus and voice mail options all contribute to your brand identity and it becomes one less thing for your franchisee to worry about.  We can often migrate your franchisees to our cloud-based system with NO UPFRONT COSTS to them or you.  They get a premier service with very best phones and other equipment often at a lower cost than they pay today for plain old phone service from their local provider.

Find how you can help your franchisees be even more successful by offering connectivity to MIX as part of your basic franchise offering.