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Migrate or Manage: Avaya

Premise-based telephony is going away. 

In this age of the cloud and hosted VoIP, traditional premised-based phone systems like those provided by Avaya are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Avaya’s recent bankruptcy should make you concerned about the long-term viability of the investment in you have made in your system.

  • Will you be able to expand the system in the future if you add employees or locations?
  • What if you need more voice mail storage or additional automation attendants?
  • Will it be expensive to get service and replacement parts?

Even if your current PBX will be able to meet your needs in the foreseeable future, do you really want to keep investing in these obsolete systems?

It is now possible to supplement the functionality of your legacy system with a hosted service from MIX Networks.  You don’t need to replace your entire system to take advantage of Hosted VoIP telephone systems.  Services such as SIP Trunks, conferencing, voice mail and more can used as needed to supplement or extend your current PBX without having to do a fork-lift upgrade.  There is no need to retrain your entire company on a new system.

Find out how to start saving you money and prepare your company for the future of communications. Submit the form to get more information about MIX Networks and how we can help you extend the life of your existing PBX and prepare for a VoIP Future.

Although Avaya will continue to operate and provide long-term value, its bankruptcy filing will incline both existing and prospective customers to switch their contact center over to a well-established CCaaS provider. Companies nearing the end-of-service contracts on heavily depreciated equipment will make up the majority of this group.

Adam Dawson
TBI MarCom Manager