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6 Reasons You Need A Cloud Phone System To Improve Your Scalability

6 Reasons You Need A Cloud Phone System to Improve Your Scalability

Nothing hampers a business’ growth more than poor communication, both internally and externally. Despite this fact, many businesses put off upgrading their phone systems to the cloud, deeming the investment either too costly or unimportant. For companies seeking to grow, and grow fast, everything about their company, from communications to marketing, must be scalable. Without a scalable cloud phone system, however, there’s a good chance the rest of the company will struggle to scale as well in the event of rapid growth. Here are 6 reasons why your company needs a cloud phone system to improve your scalability. Business Growth A growing business needs scalable systems. IP phones, along with a hosted PBX, are managed off-premise, and so do not…

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FCC Seeks To Change Rules On Vanity Phone Numbers, Which Could Help Your Business

FCC Seeks to Change Rules on Vanity Phone Numbers, Which Could Help Your Business

This past September, the FCC drafted several proposed rules changes in how telephone numbers - more specifically, vanity toll free numbers - are to be administered in the future. Chief among these proposed changes are reversals of long standing regulations, such as the Brokering Rule, and to implement new policies regarding how phone numbers are exchanged between organizations. While the details of the proposed rule changes are steeped in industry jargon, we’ve gone ahead and broken down what the existing rules are, what the major rule changes are, and how all of this could help your small business. What is a vanity phone number? Vanity phone numbers are phone numbers that spell out a word or phrase or are simply…

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How To Migrate Your Business’ Communications To The Cloud In 6 Steps

How to Migrate Your Business’ Communications to the Cloud in 6 Steps

Moving away from legacy systems often comes with a certain amount of stress, even when the transition will save money, time, space, and add capacity. Any major change often creates pushback from employees and creates a temporary drop in productivity. When migrating business communications technology to the cloud, the benefits are clear. Lower costs, expanded capacity, scalable platforms, and greater control are just a few of the immediate benefits, so the stress related to the switch is often more about choosing the right provider than concern about moving to the cloud. Here are a few simple steps that will help business owners migrate with confidence. Step 1: Explore Contract Terms Before making any vendor switch, it is crucial to know…

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5 Ways Communications Technology Can Improve Employee Retention

5 Ways Communications Technology Can Improve Employee Retention

The modern workplace is changing rapidly, and technology is at the forefront of the transformation. Employees and employers need to be aware of and to embrace these changes in the workplace so they move with the times. Engaging with and retaining talented workers is vital, as the job market is more flexible than ever before and highly skilled staff come at a premium. Job satisfaction is crucial, with choice becoming a key issue as the digital world enables more people to work differently and in diverse ways. Here are five ways to help keep employees engaged and to improve retention utilizing communications technology. Legacy Systems Modernization Technology is one of the fastest-moving industry sectors, and staff need up-to-date equipment to…

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10 Advantages Of A Hosted PBX System For Hotels And Hospitality

10 Advantages of a Hosted PBX System for Hotels and Hospitality

Every industry faces disruption from technological advances, and the hotel and hospitality industry is no exception. With the rapid adoption of smartphones, the need for more app-based services has become clear. There are services that offer hotel rooms by the hour and offer short-term booking to help the business traveler. With the range of service offerings expanding, hotels and those in the hospitality industry need to stay on the leading edge of communications technology to continue to offer top quality customer service. Hosted PBX systems are one solution that can help integrate lots of features into a single, cloud-based communications platform. Automate Call Monitoring Automated monitoring for all incoming and outgoing phone calls helps save hotels money and improve performance.…

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5 Reasons Your Senior Living Facility Needs To Move To The Cloud

5 Reasons Your Senior Living Facility Needs to Move to the Cloud

Traditionally, senior living facilities resort to using a telephone system that is limited to the premise, whether it is hardwired phone lines that run off of old telephone companies' copper wires or on-premise private branch exchange (PBX) systems. However, more companies have shifted their communications approach to leverage phone systems that are run on the cloud. That's because it's designed to save costs while providing support to reduce interruption in communication. These strategies all work to improve the efficiency of operations at your senior living facility. If your senior living facility has yet to move to the cloud, you may be missing out on important benefits that a cloud-hosted PBX can bring. Here are five reasons for moving your senior…

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10 Advantages Of A Hosted PBX System In Senior Living Facilities

10 Advantages of a Hosted PBX System in Senior Living Facilities

Before examining senior living facilities with an eye toward installing a Hosted PBX system, it's important to understand what these systems are and how they work. PBX stands for private branch exchange, a term that refers to business phone systems that manage multiple, local employee lines. When first introduced, this technology involved a "trunk" of lines and a switchboard control system. Hosted PBX phone systems deliver the same features and control, but instead of installing hardware, phone service is deployed via a broadband internet connection. Using a hosted PBX, an organization can distribute one number that allows contact with the entire organization, regardless of location. This new way of handling communication, both internally and externally, offers some significant benefits to…

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A Hosted Phone System Makes Sense For Your Franchisees

A Hosted Phone System Makes Sense for Your Franchisees

The franchise model continues to be a dominant force in the US Economy. A recent forecast by the Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2017 anticipates continued growth in the sector, today totaling nearly 750,000 establishments with 7.8 Million employees, which generate $710 Billion in revenue. Offering a hosted phone solution as part of your franchise plan can generate big benefits and additional revenue for both you and your franchisees. As a franchisor, you are constantly in the hunt for new ways give your franchisees every advantage in this highly competitive space. The phone system is an often-overlooked component of the operational plan of many franchisors. Your Role As A Franchisor Your franchisees are counting on you to help them succeed, and…

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Today’s Telecommunications Services Advance Patient Care For Seniors

Today’s Telecommunications Services Advance Patient Care for Seniors

As people age, their needs change. Activities that were simple to manage become more difficult and might require some outside assistance. Senior living communities offer a range of services that can help maintain independence, even in full care facilities. New telecommunications technology and services are what make it possible for seniors to enjoy as much independence as possible. With monitoring software and technology tailored for seniors, many people can enjoy retirement living for longer. Keeping Track of Patients When providing long-term care for the elderly, some of the major challenges come under the heading of safety. Senior living facilities need to know where their patients are at all times. Patients with degenerative neurological conditions may wander off and forget how…

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Senior Living Technology: What Does An Assisted Living Facility Need?

Senior Living Technology: What Does an Assisted Living Facility Need?

As technology ingrains itself further and further into all aspects of the healthcare industry, senior living facilities stand to benefit immensely from technology specifically targeted for them. Spurred by a combination of market forces and some legislation, the breadth of technologies designed for senior living has increased at an astounding rate. With so much choice on the market, what senior living technology do facilities actually need? Here we explore some of the technologies that will benefit senior living facilities the most. Fall Prevention and Detection Senior falls account for nearly 800,000 hospital visits each year, and are a $30 billion healthcare expense. They are a leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the elderly, and are a legitimate health concern…

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