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10 Advantages Of A Hosted PBX System For Hotels And Hospitality

10 Advantages of a Hosted PBX System for Hotels and Hospitality

Every industry faces disruption from technological advances, and the hotel and hospitality industry is no exception. With the rapid adoption of smartphones, the need for more app-based services has become clear. There are services that offer hotel rooms by the hour and offer short-term booking to help the business traveler. With the range of service offerings expanding, hotels and those in the hospitality industry need to stay on the leading edge of communications technology to continue to offer top quality customer service. Hosted PBX systems are one solution that can help integrate lots of features into a single, cloud-based communications platform. Automate Call Monitoring Automated monitoring for all incoming and outgoing phone calls helps save hotels money and improve performance.…

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5 Reasons Your Senior Living Facility Needs To Move To The Cloud

5 Reasons Your Senior Living Facility Needs to Move to the Cloud

Traditionally, senior living facilities resort to using a telephone system that is limited to the premise, whether it is hardwired phone lines that run off of old telephone companies' copper wires or on-premise private branch exchange (PBX) systems. However, more companies have shifted their communications approach to leverage phone systems that are run on the cloud. That's because it's designed to save costs while providing support to reduce interruption in communication. These strategies all work to improve the efficiency of operations at your senior living facility. If your senior living facility has yet to move to the cloud, you may be missing out on important benefits that a cloud-hosted PBX can bring. Here are five reasons for moving your senior…

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